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Materials, methods, finishes.

Customers ordering furniture items may choose from several different native American hardwoods and softwoods. Often, a large piece will feature an expensive and showy species on the front and sides, while a secondary wood is chosen for the drawers and back. Readily available species are Cherry, Walnut, Butternut, Oak, Birdseye Maple, Tiger Maple, and Ash. Wide pine boards (9"-24") are often used as a primary wood and are hand planed for an authentic decorative effect and either colored with genuine colonial milk paint or oiled. The hardwoods are either oiled or varnished depending on the use. Secondary woods are usually white pine or poplar. Shelving is joined to the carcase with dado joints, doors are joined with real mortice and tenon joints and pegged (with square pegs if requested in the colonial style) raised panels are hand planed as in the original pieces. I expect my pieces to survive for generations just like the antiques I use for inspiration. I find that the beauty of the wood is often obscured by stains and prefer hand rubbed oil finishes unless authentic colors are desired. Once again, each project can be customized to the specification of the customer.

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